Our story

We are making life science research tools collaborative. Our devices enable scientists to iterate, and share their work to speed discovery of cures to the world's toughest diseases.

Back in 2010

Practichem was founded in 2010 to develop custom instruments for pharmaceutical companies. We started creating our own tools when we could not find suitable solutions.

Go away.

We visited the largest instrument companies to share our concepts. We were sent home. Maybe leading companies won't risk their leading position by encouraging connections between platforms and data.

Wait. What?

We put together a proof-of-concept protein purification instrument, and presented it to customers. Arista Slice was not only easier to use than comparable ÄKTA instruments, it was compact and light.

Cha Ching!

We started demoing our web technology.  It was sufficiently advanced to equal existing instruments. One biopharma company was impressed enough to award a $250,000 order to explore and create a specialized protein purification instrument.

The pivot

We raised funding through private investor network and entered stealth mode. Why would an open company go into stealth mode? R&D is very expensive, and the instrument market is relatively small. We needed freedom from competitive pressures while we caught up to produce our technology.

Building steam

We've secured another round of funding, and are beginning very limited release of our core product. Perhaps you've received an invitation to join our early visibility program. We hope you get to use Arista soon.